ent as his wishes had▓ been during his lifetime.The interests of the ●brothers, alike temporal as eternal▓, were, however, too widely severed▓ to permit confidence between them, and so ▓they passed on their separate ways; l▓oving perhaps in their inward heart●s, but each year apparently mor▓e and more divided. About six months af●ter Reuben’s wedding, Sarah received a letter● which caused her great uneasiness.Our readers ●may remember, at the conclusio●n of our first chapter, w

e mentioned I▓saac Levison having written to his d●aughter, stating he was agai●n well to do in the wor

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on from all labour, if ●she liked to join him.We know al●so that Sarah refused those offers, ▓feeling that both inclinatio●n and duty bade her remain with● the benefactors of her youth, when they w▓ere in affliction and needed her; and th●at, irritated at her reply, her father had cast ●her off, and from that time to the pre

se●nt, nearly three years, she had never ▓heard anything of him.The letter she n▓ow received told her that Levison was in the▓ greatest distress, and seriously ●ill.His suspiciously-amassed riches ▓had been, like his former, partly squander●ed away in unnecessary luxuries for house▓

and palate, and partly s

ill in seeming

fai●led; that he was now too ill to do ▓anything, or even to write to her himse▓lf

, but that he desired his daughter to come t●o him at once.She had been ready enough to lab▓our for others, and therefore she could not ●hesitate for him, who was the only one wh●o had any real claim upon her. “The o▓nly one who can claim my labo●ur,” thought the

poor girl,▓ as she read

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ould I have been without t▓he beloved friends whom he thus command▓s me to leave Yet he is my father;▓ he sent for me in prosperity—I coul▓d, I did refuse him then, but ▓not now.No, no, I must go to h●im now, and leave all, all I so dearly love;” a●nd letting the paper fall, she covered

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her f●ace with her hands, and wept▓ bitterly. “Yet perhaps it● is better,” she thought, af▓ter a brief interval of bitter sorrow; “I can n▓ever conquer this one consuming grief while I a●m here, and so constantly liabl▓e to see its cause.My heavenly Father may have● ordained t

his in love; and ev▓en

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m, trust in Him still.I do n▓ot leave Him behind me—He will not leav▓e me, nor forsake me, whatever I may b▓e called upon to bear,” and ▓inexpressibly strengthened by this thought, sh●e was enabled, without much emo▓tion, to seek her much-loved aunt▓, to show her the letter and its ▓mandate.The widow saw at a glance the duty ●of her adopted child, and though to part▓ with her was a r

eal source of grief,● she loved her too well to increase ●the difficulty of her trial by endeavouring to ●dissuade her from it. “You must go, my● beloved girl,” she said, folding her to he●r heart; “but I trust it will be but for a shor▓t time.My home is yours, remember—always y

●our home, wherever els

s.It was, however, ●only

Yo▓ur duty is indeed trying, but fear not,▓ you will be strengthened to perform it.” Y●et however determined were the ●widow and her family to control all▓ weakening sorrow and regret, there w▓as not one who did not feel ●the unexpected departure of Sarah as an indiv●idual mi

sfortune.Each was in som

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, that separation caused a bl▓ank in their affections; and what then must ●have been her own feelings They pa●rted with but one dear friend; she from ▓them all, to go amongst those with● whom she had not one thought or feeling in co▓mmon. But she who had worked so perseverin●gly for them, who

had felt herself a child in▓ blood as well in heart of the widow’s, that● she had never thought of maki▓ng a distinct provision for herself, this unse▓lfish one was not to leave them portionless●; and with so much attention to her fee●lings did her aunt and cousins ▓proffer the

ir gifts, it was impossi

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said, it would b▓e long perh

aps before she could find● employment in her new home, and she might need ▓it: besides, it was not a gift, it was her due; ●her earnings had all gone for them, and▓ they offered but her rightful share.Re●uben and his wife were not at Liver●pool when Sarah was compelled to leave i

t; an▓d she rejoiced th

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ther on the day of parting or t●he po

or girl’s sad and solitary journey.● Simeon went with her as far as Bir▓mingham, and when he left her, ●the scene of loneliness, of foreb▓oding sorrow, pressed so heavil▓y upon her that her tears fell unrestrain●edly; but though her heart did feel ▓desolate, she knew she was n?/p>

坥t forsaken.Her God was

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wn good time b▓ring peace.She was obeying His call, by discha▓rging her duty, and He would lead he●r through her dreary path. “Fear not, Abrah▓am, I am thy shield and exceeding● great reward,” were the words in her ●little Bible, on which her eyes had th●at morning glanced,

dim with tears—they co

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she read t●hem, till they seemed to fix▓ themselves upon her heart, as peculi●arly and strangely appropriate to herself.Lik●e Abraham, she was leaving home and frie●nds, to dwell in what was to her a st▓range land, and the same God who h●ad been with him the God of Abraham and

Is●rael, was her God al